Kiwi & feijoa mocktail by Vista

Kiwi & Feijoa Muddle

A quintessentially Kiwi mocktail
This non-alcoholic cocktail combines two of our favourite flavours, feijoa and kiwifruit. A sprinkle of mint makes for a fresh, fruity and flavoursome beverage.
Perfect for the kids or as a non-alcoholic option at your next get-together.

Makes: 1 cocktail

½ kiwifruit, peeled and chopped
5 mint leaves
½ can of Feijoa Vista
Unpeeled slice of kiwifruit to garnish
Sprig of mint to garnish

1) Add the kiwifruit and mint leaves to a highball glass.
2) Muddle to release the flavour of the mint.
3) Add ice to the glass.
4) Top with Feijoa Vista and stir.
5) Garnish with a kiwifruit slice and a sprig of mint.
The Vista crew
The Vista crew
Like water, just better.
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