Sugar free drinks by Vista NZ

A simple, honest beverage

Vista is New Zealand’s first flavoured sparkling water with no sugar and less than one calorie per can.

Our story

Vista is the brainchild of three Kiwi mates who saw a gap in the beverage market. Natural and tasty seemed to be worlds apart, so the three blokes set about creating a new beverage, one that would bridge the gap between the two worlds. And so Vista was born – a drink for people who want a healthy alternative, those who think twice about sugary beverages.

Meet the team

Scott, Adam and Russell are the men behind Vista – just three regular Kiwi guys who often found themselves at a loss in the drinks aisle. They needed something to quench their thirst, but they dreamed of something more. Something tasty, but not sweet. Something with bubbles. A beverage they could drink as much as they liked without feeling guilty about sugar and calories.
Vista NZ founders

And that’s about it, really!

Here at Vista, we think being healthy should be simple, not
mind-boggling. You shouldn’t need to be a nutritionist to
know what’s good for your body.
Sugar free drinks NZ
Like water, just better.
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