Sparkling Sangria

The perfect fruity beverage for balmy summer afternoons
Traditional Spanish sangria recipes call for red wine, chopped fruit, orange juice, brandy and sugar.
To lighten things up, we’ve ditched the brandy, sugar and most of the juice and added Berry Vista for a sparkling, subtly sweet version of sangria.

Makes: 1 large jug (4-6 glasses)

1 bottle (750 ml) red wine
500 ml Berry Vista
1 lemon, sliced into wedges
1 orange, sliced into wedges
Lemon wheels to garnish

1) Pour the red wine into the jug.
2) Squeeze the juice from the lemon and orange wedges into the wine.
3) Remove most of the seeds from the squeezed wedges, then toss them into the jug with the wine and juice. Stir to combine.
4) Cover the jug and store in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to infuse the wine.
5) Just before serving, add Berry Vista and stir to combine.
6) Pour into individual glasses and garnish each glass with a lemon wheel.
The Vista crew
The Vista crew
Like water, just better.
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