Sustainable beverage packaging NZ

Sustainable packaging

Why do we package Vista in aluminium cans, rather than plastic or glass bottles?

Endlessly recyclable

Aluminium can be recycled endlessly without losing any quality, which means less waste clogging landfills.

Plastic bottles, on the other hand, can only be recycled around eight times before they are sent to landfill. Paper beverage packaging isn’t any better, as paper can only be recycled around five times.

Vista cans are endlessly recyclable
Vista cans have a smaller carbon footprint than glass

Smaller carbon footprint

Glass might be the golden child of the packaging world, but aluminium is the eco-friendly underdog. It’s much lighter than glass, so it’s more efficient to transport.

Affordable for everyday Kiwis

Glass bottles are more expensive to produce and transport than aluminium cans.

It’s important for us to keep costs down to ensure that Vista is affordable in comparison to mass-produced soft drinks, making it easier than ever for Kiwis to switch to a healthy alternative.
Vista is affordable for everyday Kiwis
Vista cans create less wastage

Less wastage

Unlike glass, aluminium cans don’t shatter. Cans also tend to have a longer shelf life than clear glass or plastic packaging, as the product is protected from light damage.

Cost-effective recycling process

Aluminium is the only type of packaging that covers its own recycling costs. It’s efficient to recycle, as the process uses just 5% of the energy and generates only 5% of the CO2 emissions required to produce it from raw materials initially.

In fact, aluminium is the cheapest material to recycle so it helps to finance the recycling of other materials like plastic and glass.

Vista cans have a cost-effective recycling process
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