Flavoured water by Vista

Four delicious flavours

Subtle, natural flavours that add a refreshing zing to pure sparkling water.


A classic Kiwi favourite. Slightly floral with notes of guava and strawberry, Feijoa champions the unique flavour that New Zealanders know and love, extending the season beyond autumn for year-round enjoyment.


Berry embodies the taste of a Kiwi summer, imparting memories of long, hot days spent picking fruit as a kid. A refreshing burst of fresh, juicy, sun-kissed summer berries.
Berry flavoured water by Vista NZ
Lemon flavoured water by Vista NZ


The quintessential addition to sparkling water, Lemon offers a refreshing, zesty thirst quencher that’s bound to hit the spot. Put a little pep in your step with its freshly squeezed citrus flavour.

Bask in the taste of summer all year long with Watermelon Vista. This naturally flavoured sparkling water captures the refreshing, tropical flavour of big, ripe, juicy watermelons.


Berry flavoured water by Vista NZ
Like water, just better.
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