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Like water,
just better.

Vista is a sparkling water infused with natural fruit extract, made right here in New Zealand.

Basically, it’s got no surprises. Well, no bad ones. Definitely a few good ones.

Three delicious

All flavours are made with just natural fruit extract and carbonated water, which means no sugar and less than one calorie per can.

Lighter on the

We’re determined to tread as lightly as we can, opting to package Vista in cans rather than plastic or glass.

Aluminium might not be perfect. But unlike plastic, it can be recycled endlessly with no loss of quality. And it’s lighter to transport than glass, reducing our carbon footprint.

We reckon Vista tastes even better when you know that the average aluminium can is made from 70% recycled materials, more than 3X the average recycled content of glass and light years ahead of plastic at just 3%.

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Vista is proudly local

Vista was created by three Kiwi blokes who wanted a beverage that was healthy, yet damn refreshing. Zero sugar, without any nasty surprises. Like water, just better.