Clean, lean cocktails and mocktails

There are times when Vista, on its own or paired with your favourite spirit, simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

We love a good cocktail as much as the next person, but most are filled to the brim with sugary syrups and juices.

That’s where we come in. Every month, we’re bringing a new cocktail or mocktail feat. Vista to you. Enjoy!
Feijoa & elderflower cocktail by Vista

Feijoa & Elderflower Fizz

The dream flavour combo: fragrant feijoa paired with floral elderflower

Berry Mojito

A refreshing twist on this classic rum cocktail
Berry mojito cocktail by Vista
Moscow mule cocktail by Vista

Moscow Mule

Say hello to spring with the spicy, citrusy Moscow Mule

Berry Daiquiri

A squeaky clean version of a traditional berry daiquiri
Berry daiquiri cocktail by Vista
Kiwi & feijoa mocktail by Vista

Kiwi & Feijoa Muddle

A quintessential Kiwi mocktail

Pomegranate & Lemon Spritzer

Nothing says Christmas quite like a delicious, festive champagne cocktail
Champagne cocktail by Vista
Sangria cocktail by Vista

Sparkling Sangria

The perfect fruity beverage for balmy summer afternoons

Pink Gin Fizz

Fall in love with this blush pink beauty
Pink gin cocktail by Vista
Like water, just better.
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